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We will not, under any circumstances, knowingly sell, distribute or contribute your e-mail address or any other information about you without your expressed permission. Please note that no personal information, beyond a working e-mail address, is required to use and to participate in forum discussions. You may choose to do so, at your own discretion, but it is not required.

If you send us e-mail, using an administrative address on one of the web forms, we may share that e-mail with others in the process of deciding who should respond to it. We do not keep an archive of such messages.

We are not responsible for: There are bad people on the Internet who do bad things and accidents happen. Although this system is run my a fairly sharp group of administrators at, no system is bullet proof or immune from hacking. Such events, and other events outside the control of the site administrator, may cause the accidental loss or unauthorized distribution of your e-mail address or other personal information you have placed on this site. We will respond to those incidents as quickly as possible and post notice of such a breach in the site forums administrative announcements section but we are not responsible for damage resulting from the release of personal information or e-mail addresses that are the consequences of deliberate outside intrusion or accidental or unintentional release by the site operators or system administrators.

We are positively not responsible for any personal information you disclose in an open forum. Not only will we not be responsible if bad things happen, but we might possibly laugh at you behind your back. We will respond to requests to remove information you may later regret at our earliest convenience.


Some advertisers have employed very sophisticated mechanisms for tracking users from site to site across the Internet by means of banner ads and other mechanisms. At this time does not accept banner advertising. However, that may change in the future without additional notice to our use base. is not responsible for controlling information managed by outside parties that we may accept advertising from in the future. But you can rest assured that if they are known scum bags or annoying, we will tell them to bugger off in no uncertain terms!


We keep typical Web Server logs for that include:

  • URL from which request received.
  • Date and Time stamp
  • URL Requested
  • File Sent
  • Web Browser Used

In the case of search pages, our logs will include the search string that was entered. Errors are also logged. We summarize these logs and make special summaries available to the site operators and, on some cases, the system administrators. In some instances it may be necessary to share this information with the system administrators in the process of tracking down a user or system operational problem.


A Web Cookie is text information that a Web Server page can instruct your browser to write to your browsers cookie file. Many web sites use cookies to track usage patterns on their site on a page by page basis. The cookie is anonymous unless you give the remote Web Site personal information that they may associate with a cookie. For details on how cookies work, see the large collection of information at Cookie Central.

Most DVFreelancer pages do use cookies. If you wish to control cookies you need to use a browser (such as current versions of Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer) that allows you to control cookie requests received by the browser (always accept, accept on approval, always deny). Please note that all functions in may operate properly if you deny all cookies.


Some pages use HTML and PHP forms, ranging from very simple e-mail forms to more extensive requests for information. Use of any information entered on a form is determined by Some forms are inherently anonymus, while the whole point of others is to enter information about yourself. If you have questions or doubts you should direct them to one of the DVFreelancer administrators before entering the information. will NEVER ask you to provide your use name, password or account information by e-mail. Not that there are roving bands of pirates seeking to steal digital video forum accounts, but you never know. We don't need to ask, we can reset your password without knowing the old one.

LAW ENFORCEMENT REQUESTS: believes in the rule of law and will cooperate fully and completely with any investigation by a recognized US Law Enforcement agency. We will make a reasonable attempt to insure the inquiring party is an agent of a recognized US Law Enforcement organization and seek confirmation that the contacting agent is conducting the inquiry as past of an official investigation. In some cases we may not be able to inform the site user such a request has been made or that they are being investigated. However, where practicable, we will inform the subject about the inquiry. Since this is a digital video forum one would hope that if you are fleeing from justice that you would have better things to than post here. And if you're planning on posting the location of millions in small, unmarked bills, please send that information to directly to the site administrators for proper handling.

In addition we are required to report any reasonable suspicion we have that a crime has been committed or will be based on information posted on DVFreelancer. Again, this is a digital video forum, if you're looking to post the plans for home-made destructive device or communicate death threats, there are certainly better forums than this one toward that end.

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